Body 1: Granny's Judgment

Janie is first restricted by her grandmother. While Granny does not exactly judge her directly, it is her view on life that causes her to force Janie into her first marriage.With her harsh history of life, being raped once and seeing her daughter raped, Granny’s finds life rather dark. She believes that if Janie does not get protected, she will get raped too, because every vulnerable women is prone to rape. As she says to Janie, “Neither can you stand alone by yo’self. De thought uh you bein’ kicked around from pillar tuh post is uh hurtin’ thing” (15). Granny comes up with a solution: get married. This little sprout of an idea sends Janie off to Logan, her first husband. But actually getting married was also partly due to Granny’s judgment. She picked that man for Janie and Janie, with the small amount of power she had back then, accepted. In Granny’s mind, Logan was the perfect man for Janie. Her judgment directly affected Janie’s future life, as small of an action it was on her part.

The End

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