The Yarra Valley Wineries, Diaries, and Chocolate.. and Cows.

A fun(ny) day.

It is the 3rd of April, in the year 2016.

I was in the Yarra Valley with some of my awkward, yet precious friends the whole day today.

We tasted wines in fancy wineries, and some good cheese, and chocolate (I bought some). Then saw some lamas, sheep, and cows... which made me cry. For I've never seen a cow in person before (and never had such friends to have fun with). Such a weep.

I found the tour from some unanimous winery organization website. As good as you could find. A trip ticket that's as cheap as buying a woman one of these fancy uncomfortable shoes.

We went by a van... bus. It was a 14 to 16 passenger seat luxury Mercedes Benz mini-coaches (a long name for a vehicle)

Destinations were four wineries, a cheese factory, and then a chocolate factory. And cows..

To be more specific (and in order):
- Oakridge
- Yering Station
- Rochford 
- Domaine Chandon 
- Yarra Valley Diary
- Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery
- Sheep, lamas, cows, some horses in the background... and a pig.

We were a group of 14, at least I think. Me and my friends were four. I sat next to the driver, because I volunteered (or perhaps to reduce my motion sickness by sitting in the front..) The two others, who are couples, sat next to each other nearby the window, and behind the driver. The other pal was behind me.

The driver was a good man. He's fun. I loved him. One of my favourite drivers, Yes. Although he scared me sometimes when he talked to himself. He did it every time we're in traffic. It's funny.
He called me and my friends the Trouble Makers. But am sure he loved us. Somehow... 
He's a sweet heart. I wish him the best life.

We tasted a lot of wines. Since morning til' afternoon. Apparently we'll be storing some for a whole year inside our body. We also ate in some of the wineries we have been to, as my dish was tasty, the sauce was unusual to my tongue, but I ate it for some hungry reasons.

As for the cheese factory, I've never knew that cheese can come in various types... It always looked like a white clay to me. But I've actually tried a lot of flavours today. And then bought the one that was called "Hot Cow".

Regarding chocolate, we needed to wear a special "Private Pass" strand on our necks in order to do the tasting. The driver, Mr. Alex, put me in charge for the job, to give everyone in the group a pass ticket. They were cheap cards, tangled with some pink strand. I hated the job. Each strand was mingle profoundly to another.

Any how, they stuffed us with some good dark chocolate for a start, then made us try their other creative blocks. As one chocolate tasted like soap, the other was a bad joke. However, the rest, yet most were wonderfully delicious. I bought the "Crunchy Choc Malt & Honeycomb" one. You should try it.

Before heading back, we hanged around the factory to see some nice animals. Really nice. I think I was the most excited one between my friends to see the animals. The goats were moody, but also cute. And there was one pig (only), but still cute as well. I've seen cows and a black bull. That's when I cried from happiness like an annoying kid. (The black bull mooed. Who would've known!)

Three lamas were fooling around, not coming by, not saying hi. One of my pals started spitting towards them. He said it's their language. Then he started to yell "Come here".

In the way back, everyone of my friends looked like a mummy. The two birds were hugging each other's arms and sleeping peacefully. And the mate in the dim behind me was dizzy. His head dancing to the rhythm of the tired shaking bus.

When I went home. I found out that my pants' chain was hanging between my crotch all day long. Good times.

I am so happy. In conclusion.
It was one of my best experiences in Melbourne that I shared with friends.

Thanks for checking this out.

Remember that you can also do it, one day. Be patient.


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The End

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