The Wrong Way to Do Pretty Much Everything.Mature

A collection of examples of the WRONG way to go about doing things, bad decisions, etc. I thought I'd start with something that I actually did one time... breaking up with a boyfriend over e-mail. Can you say OUCH?

Have any of you ever gone about something in the absolute worst way possible? I'm dying to know. :)
Don't actually click the links... I made them up entirely. o.O




Dear Andy,

I have decided that this relationship is going absolutely nowhere. You're never here for me, you never make any sacrifices, and you don't treat me anywhere near how well I treat you. I thought if I stuck by you that things would get better, or at least be the way they used to be. But you know what? I only have so much patience.

I am writing this via e-mail because I do not want to waste money on a long-distance phonecall; something you have done oh so many times. You never should have moved to California for school and left me here in miserable Wisconsin; you brought this upon yourself by abandoning me.

I've started talking to Trevor Wilkes again... you remember him? Back in highschool when we were all good friends, he was your very best mate. Maybe he'll know a good thing when he sees it, and not leave it behind to chase his own stupid dreams.

Goodbye Andy,




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The End

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