The Worst Kind Of Love

Curling up in a bed of memories,
You remember how he moved in you.
You remember the taste that dizzied your senses,
And that feeling of ecstacy, of passion...
Of Love.

Inhaling all that remains of those days,
You remember how he held you.
You know the warmth of his skin and the beating of his heart,
And felt when he ran his fingers through your hair.
You pretended to sleep,
But you yearned to turn and look into the face of God.
The face of beauty, of innocence...
Of Love.

Looking into pictures incased in glass,
And the ticket stub he left on your desk,
You remember that he is not here to see you cry.
You remember walking away as he waited in line,
Saying, "I love you, be careful."
When you wanted to scream, "Don't go."
You walked, and only once did you look back.
To that man of your life, of your hope...
Of your Love.

Counting the days he's been gone,
You remember that time is a selective sinner.
It drags, it stops, and it accelerates,
Like he does when he moves in you.
Like his heart when it's beating against you.
Like every moment that takes your breath away.
Every moment that brands your memory with it's fire.
And like every moment that steals your strength and leaves you this way...

The End

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