The Worst Day of the Week

The Worst Day of the Week




“What? Why? I thought it was Monday…”


I have given this idea much thought ever since starting my job in the government. Days of monotony… days of filing and customer service… you would think that this would validate the reason why every day would be the worst day of the week. Well… maybe not every day… but certainly every work day.

The funny thing is that I rather enjoy the monotony. Monotony allows me to operate through organization. Everything that I do is based on the ability that I have to maintain a certain order. It allows for something exciting to happen… like a problem with a filing… or a rather irate customer… I know that these do not seem to sound like exciting things… but in a job that requires some sort of repetitive motion continually… they are welcome despite how negative they may be.

The monotony also allows for someone like me to easily adapt to whoever I am working with. I will not go into detail about my job because I fear that people would die of boredom before finishing reading this post. But needless to say, it is rather helpful.

Anyway… back to the reason for the title of the post.

After extensive thought about the reason why I have chosen Tuesday as the worst day of the week… beyond that of simply feeling physically drained after only one day. I have to use an analogy that dips me into a pit of nostalgia… full of frustration and elation…


                Monday… 0600… the barely lit roads ahead of the Combat Logistics Regiment-17, Group Personnel Administration Center, Unit Diary Section seemed to slowly move under them as the sharp, moist, air slapped their newly heated faces. Among the ten Marines running in step with the others was one who was fed up with the early morning “P.T.” runs. It was not the early morning concept that he did not like. Nor did he despise Physical Training. What he could not stand was the running. By this point in his life, he has run a total of about a thousand miles… yet he never got anywhere. He often wondered why, of all of the things they could be doing, did his Staff Sergeant… or Corporals… choose to run… in formation no less. He knew, though, at the very least, they would break up the formation and run up the psychotically long and tall 7th Engineer Hill. Unfortunately, by that time he would already be winded… and would be expected to run up the trail almost immediately after breaking from formation.  Not only that… due to the fact that his superiors took their jobs seriously… he didn’t have the slightest idea if one of them would suddenly require the whole group to stop in mid formation-run and do side-straddle-hops, push-ups, mountain climbers, or crunches… maybe even all four. They were all too motivated in getting those Lance Corporals, PFC’s, and Privates to hurt. For some reason, he and his fellow low-life’s were the ones who had to suffer because their superiors suffered the same thing at one point in time. It was a vicious cycle… with no one better for it.

                After about a mile, and the air steadily warming as the sun was peaking over the mountains… of which they were running towards… the old and broken asphalt ended and was replaced by hard-packed dirt. By this point they managed to not stop and do exercises… on the other hand…

“Fallout! Up the hill!” his Staff Sergeant snapped to his left.

                The highly athletic and generally unintelligent individuals in his office broke off at a dead sprint… of which he was not one of. Simply put… he chose to excel in his job versus that of running fast and pulling his chin up over a bar. He was, though, more athletic than some… so, with only a slight increase in his gait and forcibly moving his body forward slightly faster, he bounded the five-hundred-or-so feet to the base of the hill. Almost immediately it began to rise… ten degrees… twenty degrees… thirty degrees… even forty at some points. If he wasn’t at all tired prior to the climb… he was now.

Breathing heavily, and roughly five minutes later, he managed to reach the half way point. Sweat was pouring from his brow; his calves, knees, and hamstrings burning as he made it over the second hump. His movement, once at a brisk pace, slowed to just above that of a jog. His lungs heaving, barely retaining the oxygen they just sucked in… less than flattering wheezing and periodical grunts exited his mouth uncontrollably as air flowed freely through his esophagus.

He could see the top after about eight minutes on the hill, the “motards” ahead of him already descending down it like it was nothing, practically taunting him and those behind him for not going as fast as they were. Not listening past his own breathing and heartbeat throbbing in his temples, a sense of elation enters his mind as the climax of the hill grew closer… fifty feet… thirty feet… twenty feet… ten feet… one foot of a last hump to send him upon the top of the hill. Looking around him as he walked to gain his breath back before heading back down the hill, he admired the scene of the stretching hills beyond that one… he was, by far, not upon the tallest hill, which gave him a sense of gratefulness that he would not have to be tortured anymore. The sun peaked behind a patch of clouds as a brisk breeze dried the sweat upon his face.  Turning back to where he came from, at a beckoning from his Staff Sergeant who was with those who practically sprinted up the hill, yet stayed at the top to prevent his subordinates from lingering too long at the top, he descended the hill.

                The run down was, needless to say, a lot easier than the ascent. Gravity and a breeze behind him, he, with a newfound vigor from the short time at the peak of the mountain, sprinted almost uncontrollably down the hill. The humps that were a hindrance to him on the way up helped slow him so that he would not lose his footing on the way down.  The air that pushed against his face cooled the sweat rebuilding upon his head, and before he knew it he was leveling out upon the less elevated dirt path… all he had to do from there was wait for the others, finally at ease from not having to climb that dreaded hill again… at least until the next time.


… Nostalgia…

                My primary reason for telling this story is utilizing the analogy of the hill in regards to the reason why Tuesday is the worst day of the week.


Monday –

Despite the fact that you are on the run in the first place, starting up the hill that is Monday is not necessarily all that difficult. Conversations with people about the previous weekend allow you to remember what you did, with the added, though maybe feigned, interest of those who you are talking to. Not only that, but despite how early you have woken up… you are generally better rested and your mind is ready to take on the week of problems and information.

Wednesday –

Wednesday is widely understood as “Hump Day,” which, though I could use the analogies of the humps on the hill, it is actually an analogy of the climax, or the peak, of the hill. Up there you are able to see the end below you. You still have to run it… but… you know that the descent will be, undoubtedly, less difficult than ascending the hill.

Thursday –

The descent to the weekend! The run is faster and easier. Gravity is not working against you. Though you are still tired and knowing that this would not be the last time doing this… at least you can take solace in the fact that Friday is right there and you are approaching it… no matter how long it takes.

Friday –

Is it all that difficult to imagine the simple fact that you no longer have to deal with running up or down the hill? Not only that, the weekend is just back beyond the bend over yonder. You may still have to run, but at least you don’t have to deal with the hill and the pain involved… at least for a couple of days.

This obviously leaves Tuesday –

The climb up the hill shows no end in sight. The peak of the hill is just beyond reach. You are tired from the previous day… getting up in the morning means fighting the urge to remain in bed. Your head is buzzing from the previous work the prior day and the physical activity that was so easy not just five minutes ago is causing you to be even more tired. Your body aches… and you exhale grunts and wheezes as you meander through the day. You look forward to the next day… unfortunately it’s not here yet. The humps of negativity seem to come at you relentlessly, causing you to exert more energy and thus becoming even more exhausted. Here you fight the urge to give up… here you question why you are putting yourself through this… you question your superiors, yet you do not dare to vocalize it. Some people believe that Monday was the worst day… so they are already on the way down… mocking, questioning you why you are tired. Whatever the case you ignore them and know that Wednesday is only a short distance away… but a hump still separates you from it… that one… last… issue!


Believe me or not, this is my stance. If it is Tuesday, then leave me to grunt and wheeze in peace… wait one more day and I may be more coherent to bring answers to your issues.  

The End

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