The World is Watching You...

I don't maybe? A realization if you will.

You all look at me and stare

and wonder where I got the right to share my feelings with the world.

So, instead of being criticized I'll pull my face into a smile.

I wonder about you people for the longest while.

You don't know anything about me, can't see the pain I'm going through.

I'm fighting just like soldiers against everyone and you.

Now, these soldiers, they're heading off to war.

I'm fighting a war too-what am I fighting for?

They're fighting for their freedom, for their families, for their lives.

Me, I'm fighting to fight, and I'm living in lies.

The darkness is upon me;I'm almost swallowed whole.

There is no turning back, there is no hope.

But then, a spark's lifted and the world becomes a fire.

So this is why I'm living, this is why my pain is lifted.

Jesus is why I'm saved.

He craved me before I could know Him,

before I could ever show Him.

So now I stand up proudly, fighting for His cause.

This may be hard, but Jesus fought a battle and died upon a cross

for me. To save me. To save you.

And look at what we do.

Tell me what would you do if the world was watching you?

The End

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