The World, as interpreted by me

I find myself thinking, when it comes to the world. I look around me and formulate various theories about certain phenomena. Nothing big like the structure of materials and chemicals or the geological events which have given the Earth its form - nothing physical, I could say. But things more subtle, related to humans. Needs, for example. Things related to natural instinct.

I bet it sounds like I'm an expert when I use the term 'formulate theories'. I'm not. Everything I think is based on what I see around me and a little on facts I've learnt and remembered. I suppose it's scientific but it just feels natural.

I know I like patterns. And logic. Grammar and algebra: two of my favourite things in the world. Other than family and friends, that is. Please don't think I'm this loner who isolates herself and sits in her bedroom, writing up cold, purely objective ideas on warm, touching things like love and happiness. Happiness is chemicals, right? ;) I don't like to think of it like that unless I'm feeling depressed and bitter towards the human race.

I believe I've said enough. I hope you find what I have to say interesting. I hope it's not too insightful into my life.

I'm willing to bet that lots of what I write would be discredited by the true scientist. But this isn't true analysis: this is an attempt to understand. Put things into terms I can relate to. It's my right, isn't it?

The End

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