the work of satan lies much to be desired, except for the burning of our own destinies as our fates fall at the hands of others


hey, you.

next time you see someone stumble and fall, and reach out with bloodstained hands riddled with callouses, take their hand. please.

whatever bet you've made with the devil, it is not worth it to step aside and let them spiral down, till they've lost all control and their life is measured in heartbeats and pain and the sound of nails against pale skin.

because I am falling. I am falling and I have no bottom to this pit of hell.

i can't get out, but I can prevent someone else from being pulled in.

so please. do what you can.

even if it means getting your skin a little dirty.

even if it means skinning your knees or getting black dirt smudged on your trousers.

its worth it to save someone's life.

its not if they kill you too.

I'm dying,

and all because I threw a falling girl a rope.

The End

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