Prologue (Two)

I met Vee only a few weeks ago. If we go through with this (and I currently have every intention) then it will have been the most important moment of my life. She moved in with my friend, Arr, who had originally moved down to Brighton with me. Well, actually, I moved down with him, if i'm honest. He came down chasing love, love that he had found on our "Ameritrip 2004", and I floated happily down with him, content to be moving to a new world away from dreary Bradford.

When she moved in, I was sleeping on Arr's couch, as I had only a few days earlier been kicked out of my previous house (which is another story altogether... one that will probably never get written now) and was searching for somewhere new to live.

When she first moved in, it took me a week or so to see her, as she spent her time (like myself now in my new house (another story)) either in her bedroom, or out of the house.

Her lack of social interraction seemed to annoy some of the housemates, and i decided to defend her, saying about how there are many varying reasons why people keep to their own company and that you shouldn't judge until you know the facts. I was defending by empathising with her before i'd spent more than a few minutes with her.

But anyway, the first time we got her out of her shell was a night in with tons of alcohol, legal ecstasy pills (the joys of Brighton) and Rock Band on the Wii. Vee, her landlord Bee and myself partook in the pills, whilst Arr and their other housemate, Jay stuck to the drink.

As the night progressed, it ended up with the three druggies, all sailing high on chemical love. The others had gone to bed. Vee had her guitar out and was amazing me with her playing and singing prowess, before sealing herself as a firm favourite when she whipped out her poetry. I was in love.

Bee finally went to bed, leaving the two of us drinking and chatting on the sofa, and that was when i realised our similarities. That was wen I discovered I wasn't so unique in my freaky thoughts. That was then I found out she also wanted to die.

The End

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