The way the world will see me

This a short writing of the emotions stirred within love. A thing I like to plan with. To view the effects of words and the emotions that drive us.

What I am in this world but others see me as


How can I hold on with such strength only to be knocked down


tear me


bear me


hear me


forget me


I am nothing


I feel nothing


I am forgotten


You yell and say you love me


You say you are making amends but you don't listen


I tell you I'm in pain and you top it


I am the worse thing to come into your life by your own words


but are a Marta as you will stay with me any way


You leave me alone when I need you


You tell our most personal moments to others while we are still fighting

You show people my worse, with no regard to what it will do to me at my best

Love and pain are such a fine dance

A world of internal balances

I am who I am

And when I crash I bring our world to its knees

As no one can hurt me in the way you do

The End

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