All of a sudden the ground below my feet began to shake, it didn't last long but I surveyed the room to see if anyone else had noticed. Before I knew it there were sounds of a fire truck coming closer, people began to notice and the steely looks turned into looks of panic.

And so did I, wedged between a wall and morbidly obese man who struggled to even stand up. I opened my mouth to say something but every time I did nothing came out and the sound of panicking parents, children and old ladies somehow managed to silence my voice. I could feel my heart racing as the room filled with smoke, I began to feel dizzy and lose grip of the chair to which my fingers had been wrapped.

* * *

 Aaron had just put the dog outside and was getting ready to have a relaxing dinner alone on the couch. That is, until the news report mentioned a very familiar name..

The explosion of a gas pipe below the waiting room of a local dentistry has caused a fire which fireighters were able to put out on time. There are no casualties or reports of serious injury except for a young girl by the name of Jessica Montez who is now in hospital. More on this story tomorrow night.

His gaze froze, still locked on the box screen. After several minutes he decided that he would visit his friend in the morning.

The End

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