The WarMature

Unfortunately, humanity is a suspicious breed and prone to assuming deception. Many humans met these strangers with fear. Too much of that fear became aggression and too many of our leaders, desperate to end riots and placate their people, caved to that aggression.

The first nuclear warhead was launched at midnight GMT, followed by three thousand of its compatriots. They didn't even make it all the way out of the ground. We aren't entirely sure what they did to them, the warheads just shut down, fell back into their silos, and turned to dust.

After that the sky went dark. No sun, no stars. It wasn't even the deep black of empty space, just a strange reddish color suffusing the atmosphere. After a few minutes we got a message, fed to every screen and speaker in the world. It said that they were sorry, that they had had such great hopes, such beautiful dreams for our future together. But our fear had poisoned us and they would never be able to trust humanity with the great advances they had offered. In fact, given that it was only a matter of time until we made those advances ourselves, we were too much of a threat as we are now to risk letting us change. So they'd removed us. Wrapped Earth in a bubble and separated it from the Universe itself. The bubble would act as a sun in terms of heating the planet and feeding plants, so we wouldn't die, but we also wouldn't be able to get out. They begged us to stay put and try to be content, because if we tried to interfere with the bubble it would collapse and unmake the planet.

There was a lot of suicide after that, and riots. We were all of us damned for a weakness not all of us harbor. Nations collapsed as those who had welcomed the strangers railed against those who had feared. Now there is war. We hope that we will win, and that we'll find some way to communicate with them without bringing down the new sky. But as the bombs fall over the last of the cities the fear that the strangers had, that we would destroy everything we looked upon, becomes certainty.

The End

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