The Wages of FearMature

A super short story about Humanity's first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization.

The attack was over in seconds. It wasn't that we weren't prepared. It wasn't that we didn't see them coming or that we didn't put up a fight. We just didn't stand a chance.

Life on Earth is approximately 3.5 billion years old with right proper human life coming in around 200,000 thousand years ago. The planet itself formed around four and a half billion years ago. The universe is over ten billion years older than that. There are planets at the farther ends of the universe that have an unimaginable head start. Imagine humanity survives and prospers another two billion years. Even accounting for some periods of regression and resistance, the time frame alone puts the likely scientific advancement well into the “motherfucking sorcery” levels of technology.

Now imagine that at some point in that ridiculous time frame humanity had gone really hard back into the imperialistic mindset. Maybe set out in a few carefully gauged directions to see about maybe meeting some new people and stealing their shit, as is tradition. After a while they get a signal from a nearby world, curious folk just reaching out to see if someone's there. These new people aren't even civilized in comparison to our hypothetical future humans, not even worth enslaving. So the humans eradicate them. Why waste resources on lesser beings who're just gonna scuff up your shiny new planet?

That is not what happened to us. Our visitors came under a banner of peace, seeking only to share the universe with new friends. They offered us medicines beyond our wildest fantasies, teach us how to harness our sun to give permanent, limitless energy and make us gods compared to our former selves. All they asked was that we joined them. Make our two civilizations into one, find ways to cohabitate and maybe even eventually interbreed, to truly be partners in the universe. The Void is lonely, and they craved the comfort of a companion species.

The End

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