The Various Fantastical Creatures and Beings from Maikar

First off, this is just a jotting down of different sentient and not-so sentient creatures and entities that have slowy crawled from my minds' primordial ooze, and evolved into fully-fledged occupants of my daydreams. Each chapter will be dedicated to one of the many beings that I have conjured up in my spare time. This first page will be dedicated to the solar aspects in which these creatures reside.

Bitzgh solar system ( Pegasus system system): A solar system composed of a primary blue subgiant (Eyiz) and a companion red dwarf (Dur). It is a very stable binary solar system, notably transferring mass in relatively low amounts, making this solar relationship a long lasting one.

Maikar (Bitzgh Solar Sytem): Maikar is approx. two times the size of Earth, and is as much, or more so, diverse. It has an Earth-like atmosphere, primarily made up of Nitrogen, oxygen and argon and half of its surface is covered in water, and its crust is very rich in metals and minerals. Maikern eastern hemisphere is almost yearly covered in twilight, because of it's twin satelites positions. Lunar and solar eclipses occur often on Maikar.It has four main continents, Azhar, Fyord, Iver, and Dolmet. Azhar is the biggest, and has the most diverse amounts of biomes and ecological systems. Notable things about Azhar, include, in the center it has the worlds biggest desert, and shares land bridges east and west of itself, connecting it to Fyord and Iver. Fyord is a topographical marvel, containing many mountains, craigs, cairns and fjords connecting small archipelagos, with many large fresh water lakes. Fyord is known for it's mature ecological communities, comparable to Canada. Iver is a tranquil eden, a continent filled with rivers, quite woods and meadows, and because of it's position on the planet and its two satelites, it is constantly in twilight. Lastly, Dolmet is, uniquely, not connected by any land bridges, so in turn, its ecological and biome systems have evolved quite differently, compared to the rest of the planet. Harboring four sentient races, and billion of different species, Maikar is a absolute plethora of biodiversity. Small pockets of it are dense metropoli, but most of it is still at a pre-industrial agricultual level.


The End

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