The Vampiric Lair

Idiotic dick walks into a dark, damp freaky cave and gets lost. Guess what happens next...

 Lights were shining and mesmerising, the music was deafening and the people were pissed, pissing, dancing and shagging, all in the middle of the floor. Harry, a seventeen year old teenager, was one of the people who were pissed and dancing. a bottle of bear in one hand and a shot glass in the other.

He stumbled out of the club to piss outside. The club was on the edge of a cliff and Harry thought it would be OK if he pissed off the edge. Then John, Harrys brother, came outside to see where Harry was. He saw Harry and, not realising that he was on the edge of the cliff, thought it would be funnyif he rugby tackled Harry while he was pissing.

He did. So you can probably guess what happened.

The End

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