Aerians Trial

Urgh …. I HATE SNOW, dammit why do I get myself into these things? I was sent to retrieve some amulet for the queen but this, I never asked for this I mean come on, this is insane!!

I mean come on this is crazy!! Who knows what’s down here and what’s worse is I’m pretty sure my powers are on the fritz again … Dad told me this would happen, but this is just damn inconvenient  or I’m just getting too old for all this. Still I’m getting paid quite well for this so it’ll be kinda worth it, If I ever find that damn temple down here.

I suppose I should be grateful Dad choose to educate me in weapon play before he headed home, wonder if he made it? Wonder how the mansion is after the war? That dragon hit the mansion pretty hard, Uncle Krystals magic would only have held for so long but those were some damn powerful dragons, didn’t think they still existed. It was sad leaving the town burning like that ….

We had no choice though, the portal got almost everybody out of Dentarius though, so that’s good. Damn Longar hit us out of nowhere, after we signed the treaty too, sneaky bastards they were. I only hope they are burning in the depths of Uncle Hades hell dimension.

Now there’s somewhere you should be afraid to go. That place is freaking creepy!! Bit like this place only, not so cold.

Still if this map is right I should be OK  but why are my abilities out? The rock formations maybe? Maybe I should have read those history books of Dads to understand. I know he said there are environments that affect how we can use them, I never saw him struggle though, he always had access to them.

I only hope my healing abilities aren’t out or I really am screwed down here, why did I have to come alone again? … Oh yea I’m an Elcarus … ya Elcarus I may be, invincible I’m not, I’m a teen girl for god sakes, well …. no but …. well … oh never mind not like anyone will EVER read this. Why am I even keeping a diary anyways?

Ah to hell with it on I go to find this damn Ice Palace, retrieve the amulet and get the hell out of here.

Nevermind … Found it!

So all I have to do now is get in, err anyone see a door? Hahaha so here we go.

-- Aerian --

The End

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