Home - What's Left of It

Arriving at what’s left of the mansion was somewhat surreal occurrence, the place was broken down and destroyed in many places, the dragon had hit the mansion full on the foundation survived, most of the mansion did not. I made my way through, the rooms looked so …. empty, hard to believe this place was once full of life.

Hard to believe this was once a family home too but that’s another life time now.

To be honest I couldn’t say which did more damage, time or the fires from the wars, but the mansion is in ruins, it will take work but it an be restored, let’s face it we did it before, it takes time, but it can be rebuilt piece by piece. As I write this I see the work setting itself out before me. As I stand n the entranceway I see what was the grand hall before me, the stairs will be the starting point, can’t do much if I can’t reach the rest of the house.

A trip to Havens Carpenters will be in order, the best woodsman in all of Dentarius. At least they were 300 years ago I expect the family tradition will continue.

I must admit I hope the others are OK, hard to know we haven’t had contact since the war. Aerian was OK  last I heart as was Heart. Maybe they’ll find their way back.

Still I have work to do.


The End

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