300 Years

As the family begin to return home these are clips of their thoughts, their emotions their actions, as The Vampire Legends are indeed rebord.

It’d been so long since I last came home, probably not since the years of the dragon wars, we lost so many during that conflict, we all lost friends family and most of the town as well, still I’d forgotten how beautiful it out here, the valley looks so peaceful, yet you can still the scars of the conflict that tore our home apart.

But it is strange to be home, but as I came over the hill I saw the Mansion had some how mostly survived, broken down and abandoned but it had largely survive the direct assault by the Longar Forces.

The war lasted 250 years across three realms but we finally were able to put them down, the realms have in the moment returned to peace. And after 50 years of peace keeping and treaty building it’s time for me to return home. It’s time to return Dentarius to the home it should be.

At least I have somewhere to start and once I return to the village I’m sure the families down there will help me out. Or at least  hope they will, but still it is home to me and it was our family that allowed them to survive the war, not that I expect anything of them, they have a right to drive me from their lands, I just hope they wont.

I wonder what happened to the others? Of Krystal, Haunted and Hades? I don’t even know if they survived, the last I saw of them they were engaged in battle with the Longars invasion forces, horses, cavalry, swords and magic it was something to behold from above as Aerian and I engaged the dragons above, you have no idea how hard that is.

This is the last thing we saw as we were forced to withdraw from Dentarius, they of course followed but we were able to in the end draw them away from the town.

I must for now assess the damage to the Mansion, I’ll be in touch.


~~ Kane Elcarus ~~

The End

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