The Unexplained

As we go through life, we come across many unexplained things. War, cheating, lying, stealing, murder, etc. But perhaps one of the most profoundly indescribable things is the humble word. They can hurt more than daggers, burn more than acid, and yet their explanation remains lost to the fate of time. If you asked someone what a word was, they would probably say a form of communication, or something along those lines. But has anyone ever wondered what could be accomplished if we used words to our own advantage? The results could either be catastrophic or the revelation of the era. But sometimes, we must take risks and see where we end up. Just remember the effect of words; how they can sometimes be uplifting and comforting, but also hurtful and evil. There is so much in the world that remains unexplained; its meaning anonymous and. However, surely there is an answer and a meaning to everything?

The End

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