The Truth

Its time to wake up dude!

Here I am grieving like I have just lost my life

Well the truth is that I actually did  lose it a few  months ago


My heart was torn into pieces

Thats what she did…

She first stole it then broke it into little

Tiny pieces


And everyday, every time that she crosses my mind, she seems to be braking them even further and crushing them..

But the love was always clean and the intentions always pure


She was my strength but now pain torment and weakness

I really cant understand what keeps me alive

I don’t know if its the thot of there been a chance between us again or the thot of me just waiting for her to come into my arms and tell me that she were wrong and to hear her apologize

In life there are two kind of pple ,,


The heartbreakers ,and the heartbroken

And there is no doubt where I belong,,,,...

The End

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