Scene 44Mature

A man comes out of the wedding building, jumping at the sight of the bodies and the knife in the ground.

MAN, shouting in terror: MURDER! MURDER!

The group inside the building comes running out, everyone screaming when they see the bride and groom lying in the grass.

Medomai, a considerable distance away, turns to look at the small figures screaming at the bodies.

He takes another shaky breath, wiping his remaining tears.

MEDOMAI: Why did I listen?

All of a sudden, a loud beeping comes from the building and Aristaeus runs outside, taking Daedalus' arm and trying to run.


A cloud of dust slowly takes over the building, engulfing everyone around it. Everything goes completely silent as a fire sparks, taking over the smoke and building. It all burns quietly as everything in the theater is silenced (even the movie is muted). Eventually, the flames and smoke die down and the only thing left is ashes.

Medomai slowly walks back to the church, kicking at the ashes when he arrives. He seems confused, but goes completely pale.

The End

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