Scene 43Mature

DAEDALUS, whispering to Medomai: Put her out of her misery.

Medomai hesitates.

DAEDALUS: Go on, do it!

Medomai looks down at the blade in his hand, seemingly conflicted and confused.


DAEDALUS: Through her heart. Shove the knife through her heart.

Medomai takes a deep breath, coming closer to Amalthea.

AMALTHEA: Please don't do it.

Medomai shakes his head.

AMALTHEA, desperately: Please! Wake up! Pause. We can be awake together; I thought we were!

MEDOMAI: It'll be alright. It'll all be over soon.

AMALTHEA: Don't--!

Amalthea's expression softens as she gives up, realizing this is what she wanted earlier.

AMALTHEA: Just end it quickly.

Medomai nods, kneeling by Amalthea. He kills her as Daedalus said, but not violently. Amalthea seems to watch, but is overcome with pain. She lies back on the grass.

AMALTHEA: I love you.

MEDOMAI: I don't know you.

AMALTHEA: But my love, it's me, your Amalthea. Please remember.

MEDOMAI, shocked: A-Amalthea...?

AMALTHEA, smiling: Thank goodness.

She closes her eyes, going limp.

MEDOMAI: I was supposed to protect you!

He turns to Daedalus.

MEDOMAI: You murderer! It was you!

DAEDALUS, laughing: A rich murderer, thanks to you. He turns to leave.

Medomai stands, his hands shaking.

MEDOMAI, stepping towards Daedalus: Don't move.

DAEDALUS: Don't try to threaten me. He keeps walking.

MEDOMAI, seemingly forcing anger: I'll kill you!

DAEDALUS: You wouldn't. You timid little thing.

He turns to see Medomai charging at him with the knife, killing Daedalus the same way he killed Amalthea.

Medomai looks around him, at the two former lovers gone and the blood on his hands. A few tears drip down his cheeks, and he touches the tears, confused.

MEDOMAI: What is this?

He drops the knife in the ground, walking away from the scene.

MEDOMAI: What have I done?

He sighs shakily, more tears falling from his eyes. He starts to run, overcome with these newfound emotions that he hasn't felt since the reset that Aristaeus triggered.

The End

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