Scene 41Mature

The scene opens to Amalthea standing in the building that Daedalus and Aristaeus were in the past Act/Scene, looking around warily.

A few women come up to Amalthea.

WOMAN 1: Congratulations.

AMALTHEA, turning distractedly: Hmm?

WOMAN 1: On your marriage.

AMALTHEA: Oh. Pause. Thanks.

WOMAN 2: Are you ready to spend the rest of your life with someone?

AMALTHEA, staring at the woman, emotionless: I...I suppose.

WOMAN 2: Well, that's good.

The women walk away, leaving Amalthea alone. Amalthea walks to a nearby seat and sits, closing her eyes in frustration. After a few seconds, she stands up, unable to bear the anxiety of getting married to Daedalus. Angered, she grabs a knife off one of the dinner tables and rushes outside.

Medomai enters the room, glancing around. He has a highly analytical expression and a stiff walk as he goes further inside. He turns to the nearest person, who happens to be Daedalus.

MEDOMAI: Do you know where Amalthea is?

DAEDALUS: Of course. She's right over there. He gestures vaguely to a side of the room, then looks in the direction to see if he's correct. Amalthea is nowhere to be seen. Or not.

MEDOMAI: Do you know where she could be?

DAEDALUS: I think she's out for a walk.

MEDOMAI, with a frustrated expression: Alright, I'll go look around.

DAEDALUS: If you find her, could you bring her inside? I need to talk to her.

MEDOMAI, after a pause: Of course.

Aristaeus doesn't notice Medomai, so he isn't confused about how he's "come back to life."

Medomai turns quickly, rushing outside to find Amalthea kneeling by the door, knife in hand.

The End

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