Scene 40Mature

The scene opens to Aristaeus leaning against the wall of the building rented for Amalthea and Daedalus' wedding (it's identifiable by the jailhouse next door).

Daedalus comes up the street, hiding something in his jacket. He looks around nervously a couple times before Aristaeus stands and motions to him. Reassured, Daedalus runs forward and the two walk into the rented building.

DAEDALUS: You've gotten rid of the heirs, correct?

ARISTAEUS: Killed the remaining victim last night. Now the only ones left are you, me, and Amalthea.

DAEDALUS, grinning: Not for long; not after tomorrow. Pause. And that brings me to why I asked you to meet me here.

ARISTAEUS: And why's that? He smirks. You've come up with another plan, I presume?

DAEDALUS, with a slight nod: I was thinking...maybe Amalthea isn't deserving of this fortune. Pause. Since we haven't told her about our plan, we don't have to keep her alive.

ARISTAEUS: Oh? And how do you plan to kill her?

DAEDALUS, pulling the object from his jacket (it's a strange-looking time bomb, from the aforementioned agency of Daedalus): She's going to be here for the wedding tomorrow. Perhaps we could...get rid of her there? We could plant this in the walls, and just before it blows, we could run. He smiles wider. And we would have all of Lucina's fortune.

ARISTAEUS: I like this idea. I say we go through with it.

DAEDALUS: Of course we will. He gestures to the wall. I think we should wire it throughout this wall. It could be a small explosion, just enough to knock the building down and crush Amalthea. He laughs. And the others will just be small casualties.

The End

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