Scene 39Mature

Medomai runs back to his house, his mind seemingly racing. His expression is confused, but he also seems very determined.

He eventually reaches his house, bursting in. He leans over, catching his breath, then finally stands.

Medomai walks a few steps forward, noticing a letter on the ground. It's apparently come in from the mail slot in his door. He stoops and picks it up.

MEDOMAI: A wedding invitation. He squints as he inspects it. A wedding between Daedalus and Amalthea--Wait, Amalthea!

Medomai smiles as he places the letter on the table.

MEDOMAI: I've got to get her away from this town somehow. It can be accomplished at the wedding.

Suddenly inspired, he runs upstairs to his bedroom. The room is disheveled, apparently untouched for a while. There's an old, crumpled note on the writing desk. Confused, Medomai picks it up. There is scrawled writing on it, saying only: "Goodbye, my son. The river is my end."

Medomai seems confused and emotionally torn at first, tears building up in his eyes.

MEDOMAI: Who is this?

Medomai wipes the tears from his eyes, looking at them confusedly.

MEDOMAI: It must have been a mistake. I have no mother.

He pulls a piece of paper out from a drawer along with a pen, and starts sketching out a plan to save Amalthea, every once in a while looking back up at the note.


The End

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