Scene 38Mature

Amalthea, holding her stomach, stands up and walks out of the house. Looking rather lost, she stumbles along the streets. She receives a few looks of worry and sympathy, but is otherwise ignored, as Medomai is.

A man knocks her shoulder, knocking her onto the street. She desperately tries to fix her bandages, which have now unraveled. She seems to be looking for someone to help her up, but no one stops.

Amalthea gets up and limps back to her house, feelings of loneliness and abandonment apparent on her face.

She comes into the house, finding Daedalus standing nearby.

DAEDALUS: Amalthea. Haven't seen you in a while.

AMALTHEA, quietly, not making any eye contact: No. You haven't.

DAEDALUS: Where have you been?

AMALTHEA, after a pause: Researching.

DAEDALUS: That's good. Another pause. I have something for you. Come here.

Slowly and carefully, Amalthea walks closer to Daedalus. He pulls out a small piece of paper.

AMALTHEA, taking it: What's this?

DAEDALUS: The invitation for our wedding. I've sent them.

AMALTHEA, her expression overcome with horror: I've forgotten! When is it?

DAEDALUS: Tomorrow. How could you have forgotten?

AMALTHEA: Things have slipped my mind lately. She stares at the invitation. I haven't even gotten a dress, or rented a place, or...

DAEDALUS: It'll be very casual. You'll wear normal clothing, and we're going to have it in the empty building near the jailhouse.

A silence lingers between them.

AMALTHEA: I didn't really imagine our wedding as such.

DAEDALUS: We don't have much money to spare, Amalthea. This is the best I could do for you.

AMALTHEA: I suppose.

DAEDALUS: Alright. I'm going out tonight with a couple of friends tonight. You rest up, you'll need a lot of energy for tomorrow.

He nods and leaves, leaving Amalthea staring.

The End

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