Scene 36Mature

Amalthea keeps running, her hand on her bleeding wound. She's running to Lucina's house, as though for comfort. She finally reaches the huge estate, running to the front porch.

AMALTHEA: Lucina! Lucina! She bursts through the door and collapses near the typewriter she was near earlier. She doubles over, covering her face and sobbing. She finally looks up: Lucina, why did you leave me? I need you!

Out of her anger, she pulls the floorboard that Medomai was distracted by up and off the floor. Underneath is a stockpile of papers. With a confused look, she pulls the papers out.

Amalthea holds the letters up and reads them, her confusion building.

"I write in this journal to confess the wrongs of the day. My conscious is weighed down, and every day I grieve for the life I once had as the pure Lucina. This is my start. If anyone finds this, please read on.
I met Amalthea for the first time in a long time today, the one who I thought wasn't with Daedalus anymore. They're engaged.
He's abusing her. He's killing her!
Yet I keep seeing him. I'm having an affair, and so is he. It's not love, though; it's lust. But he seduced me, and now that I can see he's violent, I can't escape.
Aristaeus' heart will be broken. Amalthea's heart will be broken. My bones will be broken. This is my confession. Do forgive me. Anyone who can."

AMALTHEA: Such filth! These liars! She crumbles the paper. How could you do this to me?! She pulls out another paper, unable to stop reading.

"My parents have died. I have realized that I won't be around forever. I must make things right before I end."

Amalthea drops the paper in horror, pulling out another.

"This may be my last entry. I told Daedalus I'm leaving him. My will is hidden in these walls. If it is found, use it. If it isn't, I don't know what to do.
I just don't know what to do.
He was unusually violent. He threw things at me: beer bottles, vases, everything.
Mother Father Amalthea Somebody save me."

AMALTHEA, sobbing: No! Lucina! I'm unfaithful! What are we coming to? She looks around, tears spilling down her cheeks, and sees a patched hole in the wall. How could I be so ignorant, Lucy?

Amalthea stands up and breaks the seal. There is an empty glass case inside, but nothing else.

AMALTHEA: Somebody took it. She panics, backing up. Oh, no. No. DAEDALUS, YOU GREEDY, MURDERING, DRUNKARD!

The End

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