Scene 35Mature

The scene changes to the doctor's office, where Amalthea is sitting on a cot and opening her eyes. She tries to sit up, confused, but sharply lays back down as the pain stabs her again. She lets out a yelp, which brings the doctor running in.

DOCTOR, craning his neck to check on the wound: Are you alright? What happened?

AMALTHEA: I was stabbed, can't you see?

DOCTOR: I can see that. He rolls his eyes. Anyway, a man ran in with you, saying you were stabbed. Luckily, the would-be murderer is in jail now, and you're safe.

AMALTHEA: Who was it?

DOCTOR, after a slight pause: I don't know. But he had a black suit on, and...

AMALTHEA, her eyes widening: Covered with blood?

DOCTOR: Yes, actually. That's how they identified him as the would-be murderer. Did you know that he also murdered another man?

AMALTHEA, overcome with terror: No, no!


AMALTHEA: You've got the wrong person! He's innocent! In terror and anxiety, Amalthea jumps off the cot, ignoring her pain. She runs out the door, despite being chased by the doctor, and runs to the jailhouse.

When she gets inside, Medomai's eyes widen at the sight of her.

AMALTHEA: Oh! You're alright! She kneels by the frightened and surprised Medomai, her eyes filling with tears. I thought they'd hurt you.

Amalthea reaches through the bars and holds Medomai's hand, but he quickly takes his hand away.

MEDOMAI: And why would you care? I don't...he trails off.

AMALTHEA, surprised and offended: What? Pause. What happened to you?

MEDOMAI: I just need to get my head on straight.

AMALTHEA, after a pause: Are you alright? Did they hurt you?

MEDOMAI: Yes, I'm fine.

Amalthea leans her face up against the bars, so it's close to Medomai's.

AMALTHEA, whispering: I'll get you out of here and prove you innocent, I promise.

MEDOMAI, taken aback: What are you doing? He scrambles away. You're crazy! Get away from me! Calling out to the police officer: This woman needs to be in an asylum! Would you please...?

AMALTHEA, offended: What's wrong with you?

MEDOMAI: I don't...I don't know you!

AMALTHEA, completely misinterpreting this: Darling, you're not the only one hurt, or in a prison with no escape! Remember, I love you! And you said you loved me!

MEDOMAI, seemingly disgusted, but only confused: Loved you...?

AMALTHEA: You did! 

MEDOMAI, firmly but calmly: Listen to me, I never loved you. And I never will.

AMALTHEA: You said that you did! Tears spill down her cheeks. You liar! You promised you wouldn't hurt me!

MEDOMAI: Get out before I really do!

AMALTHEA, shouting now, turning back to see the doctor coming in: You're just another Daedalus! Lucina was right; you just want to hurt me! I should have trusted her, and now she's gone! You filthy liar, I hope you rot in here!

The doctor grabs Amalthea's wrist, starting to drag her away, but she tries to get away, almost insane. After a bit of struggling, she gets away and starts running to Lucina's home, her stomach bleeding again.


The End

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