Scene 34Mature

Medomai smooths his disheveled hair and fixes his jacket, paying no attention to Amalthea's blood. He looks a bit dazed as he stands up, but otherwise seems unhurt by the stabbing and rewiring.

He suddenly notices the piece of paper on the ground and picks it up, observing what's written. On the top of the page is Lucina's family seal, and underneath is her last will and testament. Underneath the will are the names mentioned in the above, including Elizabeth, Jonathan, Douglas,  Amalthea, and "Amalthea's one love."

Elizabeth, Jonathan and Douglas have notes next to them, and a red check mark. "Amalthea's one love" has a blue mark, written with seemingly the same pen that wrote the notes. It is also wet, as though just written.

MEDOMAI: A will...He pauses as he looks at the paper once again. Confused, he rubs the red check marks with his fingers. What is this? He sighs and an analytical expression takes over his face. Perhaps...

Suddenly, he rolls the paper up and puts it in the pocket of his suit. Medomai runs to the nearest general store, picking up a newspaper and turning to the death notices. Listed are two of the six names that were written underneath the will (Elizabeth and Jonathan), and upon seeing this, Medomai's eyes light up and he runs back to the body.

MEDOMAI, whispering to himself as he runs: Douglas!

He reaches the body, but suddenly stops as he sees a policeman inspecting the body. The policeman turns it over, revealing a wound on the body's chest. He jumps back in horror.

Medomai steps forward cautiously.

MEDOMAI: Who is that?

POLICEMAN, not yet looking at Medomai: Douglas. Douglas King.

MEDOMAI: As planned!

The policeman looks up at Medomai, seeing the blood stain on his suit. His eyes widen.

POLICEMAN, frightened: As planned?

MEDOMAI, not realizing that the policeman thinks Medomai has murdered Douglas: Yes, look! He shows him the dirty will.

POLICEMAN: You! How could you do such a thing? He gulps and grabs Medomai's arm, starting to walk out of the alley and down the narrow streets.

MEDOMAI, confused: What?

POLICEMAN: It is against the law to murder! You're going to jail, sir.

MEDOMAI: No, it wasn't me! It was--

POLICEMAN, interrupting him: That's what they all say.

MEDOMAI: But this Amalthea--

POLICEMAN: Stay silent, sir.

MEDOMAI: She's next!

The policeman has dragged Medomai to a small, nearby prison, and he now brings him inside. He locks him in a cell, the rest of the prison empty.

POLICEMAN: She's safe now. He scowls at Medomai and walks away.

MEDOMAI: It wasn't me! We must protect this woman! He sits and frowns, studying Amalthea's name. Who is this stranger? He sighs and lays back on the wall of the cell. Whoever she is, I must protect her.

The End

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