Scene 33Mature

Medomai walks out of the office, a lost look in his eyes. No one turns to look at him yet again, although he has blood on the front of his black suit. His hair is tousled now, and his eyes look tired, a few tears spilling from them. He takes one last look at the office behind him, saddened by the thought of being without Amalthea.

With a sigh, he continues down the street and unknowingly towards the lesser-populated part of town. He comes near an alleyway, hearing shouts. Alarmed, he runs towards the noises. When he arrives at the source, he sees Aristaeus holding a man's shoulder and taking a knife out of his coat.


The camera only focuses on Medomai's face, overcome with horror, as it is implied that Aristaeus kills the man. All of a sudden, Aristaeus turns his head and notices Medomai.

ARISTAEUS: Hey, you! He walks towards Medomai, his knife still brandished.

MEDOMAI: What...?

ARISTAEUS: You didn't see anything!

MEDOMAI, confused and terribly frightened: I did! I saw you--

ARISTAEUS, shouting: You saw nothing, and you'll tell no one!

MEDOMAI: You killed him, Aristaeus! I saw it!

ARISTAEUS: Fine! I did! But you tell anyone and I'll--

MEDOMAI, interrupting: Why'd you do it?

ARISTAEUS, the anger fading from his face as he smirks: Sir, everyone has a reason for what they do. 

MEDOMAI, looking at the man, after another slight pause: Did he deserve it?

ARISTAEUS, with a nod: Sure did.

MEDOMAI: What did he do?

ARISTAEUS, looking up at Medomai in confusion and taking a few steps forward: Some people just don't deserve to live.

Aristaeus grabs Medomai by his shoulder, stabbing him. Medomai falls to the ground, and Aristaeus starts to walk away, leaving the two bodies laying there. But as he walks, he marks a piece of paper and throws it onto the ground (purposefully).

ARISTAEUS: Just a little clue...this should be fun. He smirks and leaves.

Medomai slowly opens his eyes and inspects his wound (after Aristaeus is gone), the camera panning down to it. There is no blood, no scratch, just a hole in his stomach, exposing wiring and mechanical parts. Almost instinctively, he starts rewiring it so he may live, since the wires are tangled up. As soon as he's finished, he stands up. But his expression is emotionless.

The End

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