Scene 32Mature

Medomai runs down the narrow streets of Pallas, his eyes pleading and Amalthea bleeding. But no one even looks at him.

He continues down the road until he sees a doctor's office and runs inside.

MEDOMAI: Help me!

A man emerges from within the office, quite casually. But as he sees Medomai and Amalthea, his eyes widen and he runs to them.

DOCTOR: What happened?

MEDOMAI: She was stabbed.

DOCTOR: Oh, my. Bring her here. He gestures to a cot nearby, and Medomai does what he was told.

MEDOMAI: Can you fix her?

The doctor looks up, confused by Medomai's word choice.

DOCTOR, after a short silence: I hope. 

The doctor starts to work on Amalthea's wound, and Medomai starts crying, the only evidence of it being the tears falling down his cheeks. But he is watching the doctor operating on Amalthea in hope. After a long silence, the doctor patches up her wound.

DOCTOR: If we're lucky, she'll wake soon. But I must keep working; you should come back in an hour.

MEDOMAI: One hour? And she'll be fixed?

DOCTOR, giving Medomai another look: Yes. Fixed. Would you please...? He gestures for Medomai to leave.

MEDOMAI: Alright. Thank you, sir.

The two shake hands and Medomai turns to leave.

The End

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