Scene 31Mature

The three walk into the dark morgue, the scene only lit by a few candles lit on the wall. There are stone coffins around the room with strange, faded markings on the top. Medomai looks around in concern, but Amalthea just looks sad. Aristaeus smiles as he comes into the stone room.

ARISTAEUS, running his hand along a coffin: Ms. Elizabeth, where are you?

Amalthea looks up at Medomai, disapproving and disturbed.

MEDOMAI, quietly: You know that she can't answer you, right?

Aristaeus doesn't answer.


AMALTHEA, gently: Shh...

ARISTAEUS, inspecting the coffins: I've found her! He pulls a strange tool out of his coat, breaking the locks and pushing off the top. Ah, here she is!

AMALTHEA, her eyes widening: What are you going to do?

ARISTAEUS: We've got a murder to solve, Amalthea. Pause. Whatever I have to do.

Aristaeus puts his tool down and pulls a knife out of his coat, much to Amalthea's terror.

MEDOMAI, jumping forward: Don't! He grabs Aristaeus' arm. Don't...hurt her.

ARISTAEUS: She's dead! She can't feel a thing!

MEDOMAI: Please!

ARISTAEUS, pushing Medomai away and coming at him with his knife: What's wrong with you, man?


ARISTAEUS: Come on, you coward! Fight like a man!

Medomai steps back as Aristaeus steps forward. Aristaeus swings his knife inches from Medomai's face.

AMALTHEA: PLEASE! She tries to grab the knife from Aristaeus' hand, but Aristaeus puts it out of her reach and pushes her down.

ARISTAEUS: You stay out of this!

AMALTHEA, quickly standing and lunging at Aristaeus: No! I can't be left behind again!

ARISTAEUS, turning to Amalthea: I said, STAY OUT OF IT!

Aristaeus moves his knife so Amalthea runs into it when she lunges, and it goes through her lower stomach. Medomai screams as he sees this happen, and as Amalthea collapses, he crouches by her.

MEDOMAI, starting to cry: Are you okay?

He rolls Amalthea over onto her back, and blood has gathered on the front of her dress. She is unconscious, but not dead.

MEDOMAI: Wake up! Please! Wake up! Tears spill freely down his cheeks now.

ARISTAEUS, mocking Medomai: She can't answer you.

MEDOMAI, ignoring Aristaeus: We're awake! My love, we're the only ones awake! Wake up!

ARISTAEUS: Leave her. She's gone.

MEDOMAI: No! He picks her up and runs outside, down the narrow streets, looking for a doctor.


The End

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