Scene 30Mature

Footsteps are heard near the area where Medomai and Amalthea are sitting, and eventually Aristaeus comes into the alley.

ARISTAEUS: What happened? He walks over and bends down, looking at the body.

MEDOMAI, still holding Amalthea: Another murder.

ARISTAEUS: The third one. He shakes his head, as though in shame. Have any idea who the murderer is?

MEDOMAI: Not at all.

AMALTHEA, through her tears: And we never will.

ARISTAEUS, with a half-smile: Don't think so negatively.

MEDOMAI: But she's right. We may never find out.

ARISTAEUS: Don't be too sure. I'm a better detective than you would perceive.

AMALTHEA, looking up at Medomai: I just want this murdering to end.

MEDOMAI, trying to comfort her: You're safe with me.

ARISTAEUS: Don't worry your pretty little self about it.

Amalthea looks up at Aristaeus, somewhat offended at the way he says things. Medomai does the same.

MEDOMAI, taking note of Amalthea taking offense and defending her: I think that death is a reason to worry. A justified reason, that is. That doesn't mean she's not safe, but worry is something you can't help.

ARISTAEUS, with a small shrug: I'm not worried. But I do want to get this mystery solved quick, since there's a murderer running free in this town. Pause. I think that we can just go straight to the burial chamber of these victims; it's where I was going to take you in a bit. He looks down at the two coolly. Come on.

Medomai slowly gets up, then helps Amalthea up, but keeps holding her hand. She takes a shaky breath and forces a smile for Medomai, who gives her a small smile back.

MEDOMAI: It's alright.

AMALTHEA, wiping her tears: I hope. I really do.

They all walk out of the alleyway together, leaving the body to be found by authorities.

The End

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