Scene 29Mature

Amalthea and Medomai walk down the street, Amalthea shivering slightly (It's getting pretty late in the year).  The few people they pass wave at Amalthea and inspect Medomai. It's quiet but not very awkward.

AMALTHEA, suddenly, as though emerging from deep thought: So where do you think Aristaeus is going to take us?

MEDOMAI: I don't know, actually. He's probably going to make us help him solve the second murder.

AMALTHEA: We're going to have to cover for Daedalus yet again.

MEDOMAI: I don't mind. I want to protect you.

AMALTHEA: You-you know that you're putting yourself in danger if he sees you with me?

MEDOMAI: I know. He takes her hand and finally smiles. But I don't care.

They stop walking and turn towards each other. Medomai leans in to kiss Amalthea, but Daedalus runs by before he is able to.

AMALTHEA, breaking away: Catch him, hurry!

Without question, Medomai reaches out and grabs Daedalus before he can get away.

AMALTHEA: What are you doing?

DAEDALUS, obviously drunk, thrashing: Running!

AMALTHEA: From what?


Before Amalthea and Medomai can get the answer, he breaks away and runs.

AMALTHEA, suddenly extremely frightened: Murder!

Amalthea and Medomai run in the way Daedalus had come from, and they come upon the body of a man (it doesn't have to be in the shot).

AMALTHEA, crying: No...! Now screaming: That murderous drunkard! She falls to her knees and sobs.

MEDOMAI: Love...he kneels by her and hugs her. It's alright. He tries to keep her from trembling and holds her hand. It's alright, don't worry, I'm here.

Amalthea doesn't respond, but keeps crying.

MEDOMAI, tears now falling from his eyes: I'm here.

Medomai helps Amalthea up, trying to keep her from trembling.

MEDOMAI: It's alright. Don't cry.

AMALTHEA, desperately: What are we going to do? He's a killer! A murderer!

MEDOMAI: We must keep Aristaeus from finding out about Daedalus. That's all we can do. Pause. But I promise you, darling, I will protect you until the end of time. He can't get to you as long as I'm here.

Amalthea tries to stop crying and hides in his embrace, but says nothing. Medomai leans his head on top of hers and closes his eyes, as though he's found peace.

The End

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