Scene 28Mature

The three enter Lucina's room, and immediately Amalthea and Medomai's hands fly up to their faces. Medomai shakes his head and eventually pulls out a handkerchief.

AMALTHEA: My gosh, Aristaeus!

ARISTAEUS, calmly: I had her buried last night, but we're going to search this whole house for evidence. I won't rest until I know what...pause. Or who killed my Lucy.

AMALTHEA: Aristaeus, this is madness.

ARISTAEUS, turning on her and walking closer as Amalthea backs up, eventually bumping into Medomai: Love is madness? I thought you two "knew how it felt."

AMALTHEA, somewhat frightened: I do. But she's gone. There's nothing you can do about it.

Medomai holds Amalthea's hand, trying to calm her down.

ARISTAEUS, turning back to Lucina: I'm going to find out how she died. And that's that.

MEDOMAI: And we'll help. But please, don't become so angry. It's somewhat frightening.

ARISTAEUS, mocking him: Oh, am I scaring you? I'm sorry.

MEDOMAI: It's alright.

Aristaeus makes a disapproving face, but walks around the room, looking for clues.

AMALTHEA, after a pause: Do you have a plan?

ARISTAEUS: I need to see her letters and her telegrams and her notes; that way, I can figure out what she's been doing. Pause. And if someone was plotting to kill her.

AMALTHEA: Aristaeus, this is a peaceful town. No one was plotting to--

ARISTAEUS, interrupting: Things can change. And they have. He walks up to her angrily. A man was murdered last night. My Lucy was murdered just days before. Amalthea, there is a killer on the loose! He stops, then finally walks away. I'm going to catch him. I swear I will.

MEDOMAI, after a lull in conversation: How?

ARISTAEUS, turning to him and laughing: How? Really? Medomai nods. I am going to search every inch of this house, from top to bottom, until I find out who did it. Pallas is hiding something from you.

MEDOMAI: What? Aristaeus doesn't answer. What is it hiding?

ARISTAEUS: More than you know. More than you'll ever know. He frowns, then (all of a sudden) stoops over and pulls the drawer of Lucina's nightstand out. He searches through it for a minute, only finding makeup and other things, but no letters. Nothing.

AMALTHEA: Why would she keep them in her nightstand?

ARISTAEUS, standing up: Do you know where she put them?

AMALTHEA: I don't know, but I'm guessing it's somewhere near her typewriter, so she can respond. She shrugs. It's what I do.

MEDOMAI: Good thinking. Shall we check there?

ARISTAEUS: Of course.

Aristaeus rushes off, paying no attention to his surroundings until he gets to the typewriter. Medomai, while trying to catch up, gets distracted by a loose floorboard and steps on it repeatedly. Amalthea runs up to him and brings him back to the typewriter.

ARISTAEUS, picking up the typewriter and taking some envelopes out from under it: Here they are. He reads the addresses of all the letters. From me, from me, from me, from me, from you, Amalthea, from me, from her parents, that's it. He stomps audibly in frustration. Nothing.

AMALTHEA: I told you, it was natural.

ARISTAEUS, still frustrated: This is ridiculous. She led a completely average life, yet she died so young. What's going on here?

Amalthea shrugs.

MEDOMAI: She might have had a weak heart.


MEDOMAI: A lot of people are born with problems on the inside that aren't easily detected. So she could have died from that, easily.

ARISTAEUS: Right. I'll look back on her medical history today. He looks at the couple. But I'll come to your houses in one hour exactly.

AMALTHEA: And why is this?

ARISTAEUS: You'll find out. Just--just tell me your addresses.

The two tell him where they live, and he nods.

ARISTAEUS: I'll see you very soon. Be ready. Suddenly, he nods and runs out.

AMALTHEA: I swear, he's insane.

MEDOMAI: He's quite frightening.

AMALTHEA: I agree. She turns to Medomai. So, he have an hour; would you like to get breakfast?

MEDOMAI: Of course. He looks around. Let's get out of here.

They exit the house.

The End

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