Scene 27Mature

Amalthea and Medomai walk up to the gate of Lucina's home, where Aristaeus stands. Amalthea has bags under her eyes and is still wearing dark clothing, but Medomai looks completely rested.

ARISTAEUS: Thank goodness you've come.

AMALTHEA: We said we'd come, why wouldn't we?

ARISTAEUS: Right. I...he trails off. Never mind. He pauses and looks at the two. So did you hear about--

AMALTHEA: Yes, the murder.

ARISTAEUS: I think we have another death to solve.

MEDOMAI: But we only have one, technically. The doctor said that Lucina died naturally.

ARISTAEUS, suddenly angry: He doesn't know how much I loved her. He didn't check thoroughly enough.

Medomai's eyes widen at his anger. He takes a small step back.

AMALTHEA, a bit offended: We understand, Aristaeus.

ARISTAEUS, frustrated: I'm sorry. I just...he trails off.

MEDOMAI, calmly: It's alright. Not to worry, we'll get this solved.

Aristaeus smiles at Medomai.

ARISTAEUS: Thank you.

MEDOMAI: I understand how it feels to love. No need to thank me.

Amalthea's cheeks redden and she grabs onto Medomai's hand.

ARISTAEUS, to Amalthea jokingly: He's such a gentleman. Amalthea looks up at him scornfully.

MEDOMAI: Thank you.

ARISTAEUS, looking at Medomai with a smirk: You're welcome. He chuckles.

AMALTHEA, defending the unknowing Medomai: Aristaeus!

ARISTAEUS, emotionless, his smile fading: Sorry. He turns and goes into the house. Come, let's start.

AMALTHEA, to Medomai after Aristaeus goes into the house: Pay no attention to him. He's probably emotionally...imbalanced after her death.

MEDOMAI: Alright. He looks at the house. I'll keep that in mind.

Together they enter the house.

The End

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