Scene 26Mature

The scene opens to Amalthea and Medomai standing on his front step.

AMALTHEA: I'm sorry I have to leave so abruptly again. She chuckles. It seems I've taken up a very old habit of mine.

MEDOMAI: Not so old. How long has it been since we've met?

AMALTHEA, her smile fading as she thinks: You're right, it hasn't been that long.

MEDOMAI and AMALTHEA, together: But it's been the best few days of my life.

Amalthea (somewhat in awe) stares up at Medomai as he smiles.

MEDOMAI, taking Amalthea's hands: We're connected.

AMALTHEA, smiling downwards and half-whispering: I can't believe we found each other. She looks up at Medomai. Fate has been so kind.

MEDOMAI: Perhaps it will stay in our favor. We can spend eternity together.

AMALTHEA, her eyes filling with tears again: Can I tell you a secret?

MEDOMAI: Of course.

AMALTHEA: Every night, I've wished for someone to come and save me. Pause. He's come. Everything goes silent as Medomai widens his eyes, looking almost surprised. Then, he finally smiles as Amalthea does the same.

MEDOMAI: I can't tell you...he pauses, searching for the words. I can't tell you how much that means to me.

AMALTHEA: You don't have to, my love, I know how it feels. She looks around. I must get going, though. I'll see you tomorrow.

Amalthea smiles at Medomai before she finally walks off the step, and he reluctantly lets go of her hand. Eventually, Amalthea walks off-screen, and Medomai's eyes silently fill with tears. Finally, he is sobbing.

The End

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