Scene 25Mature

Medomai and Amalthea enter Medomai's house, and again sit together on the couch. Amalthea looks quite distressed, her hair now more disheveled by the crowd. Medomai looks almost indifferent.

AMALTHEA, staring downwards: Another murder. I can't believe it.

MEDOMAI: Do you think it was...?

AMALTHEA: Daedalus. Pause. He's a murderer.

MEDOMAI: But...he just started now?

AMALTHEA, worried: He's...he's gone off the deep end.

MEDOMAI: Just now?

AMALTHEA: It's the only explanation. She looks up at Medomai. You weren't here to see the town before; the crime rate was non-existent.

MEDOMAI, also staring: A perfect place. Could it really exist?

AMALTHEA: No. Not for long, anyway. Humans just don't think that way. Eventually, greed and violence overtakes them. She looks away and fidgets. He probably got tired of it.

MEDOMAI: There's always that one thing that pushes you to insanity. Pause. I guess we're lucky.

AMALTHEA, looking at Medomai: Lucky?

MEDOMAI, innocently: We're not crazy.

AMALTHEA, quietly: We might be.

MEDOMAI, now somewhat confused: What?

AMALTHEA: Slightly. Everyone is a bit insane, I think. At least in this town. It's just, if you show it, all havoc breaks out.

MEDOMAI: That's why everyone is the same?

AMALTHEA, smiling at Medomai: Not everyone.

MEDOMAI, smiling back: We're different. Pause, then in the same tone as Amalthea (before): We're awake.

AMALTHEA: And they're asleep.

Medomai holds out his hand, and Amalthea takes it.

MEDOMAI: We can be awake together.

AMALTHEA, smiling (after a short, non-awkward pause): You remembered.

MEDOMAI, taking her other hand: I can't forget.

AMALTHEA: Selective memory?

MEDOMAI: No. I just...can't let myself forget.

Amalthea tilts her head and smiles as her eyes fill with tears.

MEDOMAI, wiping her tears: I'm sorry.

AMALTHEA: No, I'm not sad.

MEDOMAI: Then why do you cry?

AMALTHEA: They're joyful tears. I just...I just have nothing else to say.

MEDOMAI: What about...

AMALTHEA, smiling: I love you. Medomai nods. Yes. That's right. You must read minds.

MEDOMAI, smiling back: Just yours, I think.

The End

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