Scene 24Mature

Amalthea and Medomai sit at a restaurant together, and it's dark and empty, so the audience can safely assume it's pretty late that night. They (again) contrast against everyone in the environment (and the whole atmosphere of the restaurant), but no one seems to pay attention to them.

MEDOMAI, innocently staring down at Amalthea's untouched plate: Why aren't you eating?

AMALTHEA: I just feel strange. I can't bring myself to eat.

MEDOMAI: Oh. Alright.

AMALTHEA, after a short pause: I'm sorry. I know you're worried, but I really can't help it.

MEDOMAI, continuing to eat: Help...?

AMALTHEA: Thinking about Lucina. I just can't let her go.

MEDOMAI: I know how you feel. When my mother and father were both gone, I didn't know what I'd do.

AMALTHEA: And you were so young. Oh, I feel terrible now.

MEDOMAI: Don't worry about it. I have a strangely selective memory and can barely remember my parents, anyway.

AMALTHEA: I just hate bringing it makes you look so sad, so torn.

MEDOMAI, forcing a small smile: I'm fine. Don't worry about it. We need to focus on putting Lucy to peace.

AMALTHEA, smiling back: Right. Pause. I'm sure we don't have to worry. Aristaeus will take one look at the body and give up.

MEDOMAI, with a slight chuckle: You're right. He doesn't seem like the mystery-solving type, does he?

AMALTHEA, smiling more now: More of...a barber type.

MEDOMAI, laughing: That's actually pretty accurate. Pause. Or a cattle herder.

AMALTHEA, laughing: He does have that air, doesn't he? I think that might actually be his job!

MEDOMAI, laughing harder: That was a complete guess!

Medomai is about to make another joke, but a man runs in, distressed.

MAN: Murder! On the streets! Please, help! He runs back outside, everyone (including Amalthea and Medomai) following him. A crowd gathers outside the restaurant, looking at the body of a woman. For once, Amalthea and Medomai blend into the crowd (but if you look, you can definitely see them, the crowd isn't huge).

CIVILIAN 1: Who is that?

CIVILIAN 2: I can't even tell.

MEDOMAI, whispering, just to Amalthea: Do you know who that is?

AMALTHEA, also whispering: I don't know her name, but I saw her at the party. She stares at the body for a bit, and in the background you can hear the distressed voices of the crowd discussing the murder. I know! She was at the party the other night! She's one of Lucy's close friends. I've actually met her before.

MEDOMAI: Do you know her name?

AMALTHEA: Let me think. Pause. It was...I think it was Elizabeth. I remember, she was widowed a few months ago.

MEDOMAI: Strange. He stops talking and just stares at the body.

A policeman comes onto screen, being led by another distressed man.

POLICEMAN: Okay, that's enough! Nothing to see here, you all go home.

AMALTHEA, turning to leave with Medomai: Would you mind if I went back with you to your house? I-I feel unsafe now.

MEDOMAI: Of course not. You're always welcome at my home.

They continue down the street, Amalthea looking around, quite frightened. She also keeps looking up at Medomai, checking at him. But he just stares straight ahead. The civilians of the town scatter around them, running home to safety. Neither Amalthea nor Medomai notice, and eventually they reach Medomai's home.

The End

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