Scene 23Mature

The scene opens to Medomai and Amalthea walking down the near-empty streets of Pallas, a few people passing them every once in a while. The two obviously contrast against the others of the town that are passing them, but the color schemes of their wardrobe are very similar (very dark lately). Amalthea isn't making eye contact with Medomai, and tears are spilling from her eyes.

MEDOMAI, trying to cheer her up: Mission accomplished?

AMALTHEA, quietly: Yes.

MEDOMAI, scared for Amalthea: What's wrong?

AMALTHEA: I saw--On Lucy's table--a telegraph.

MEDOMAI: What did it say?

AMALTHEA, recalling: "Miss Lucina. I am sorry to announce your parents have been taken by scarlet fever. There can be no proper funeral in fear of the spread of the disease. Their last will has left everything to you. -Father John."

MEDOMAI: Dear...

AMALTHEA, through her tears: It was received about a week before her death. She pauses, then finally looks up at Medomai. This is why she gave up.

Aristaeus runs up from behind them.

ARISTAEUS: Wait! Amalthea!

Amalthea stops and turns (wiping her tears and trying to stop crying); Medomai turns confusedly.

ARISTAEUS: I'm thinking of solving this mystery myself; I'm no doctor or detective, but...perhaps my love may help.

AMALTHEA, not making eye contact: That's a good idea, sir.

MEDOMAI, thinking quickly (as usual): But you must keep it quiet. If you don't, the whole town will be overcome with chaos and fright and you'll have no chance of solving it.

ARISTAEUS, slapping Medomai on the back (friendly), Medomai jumps: That's a good point. You sure are smart.

MEDOMAI, quietly: Thank you.

AMALTHEA, holding onto Medomai's arm to calm him: When are you going to start?

ARISTAEUS: Sometime very soon. Probably tomorrow. But I was wondering...pause. Could--could you two help me?

AMALTHEA, looking up at Medomai: I think we can.

MEDOMAI, with a slight friendly smile: Of course.

ARISTAEUS: Great. Pause. I'll meet you outside the house at six o'clock tomorrow morning.

AMALTHEA: That's quite early, don't you think?

ARISTAEUS, shrugging: We can't have anyone know about this.


MEDOMAI: Six o'clock. We'll be there.

ARISTAEUS, smiling at Medomai: Great. He starts to turn, but turns back to Medomai and Amalthea. You're a good man for helping me when you barely know me. He gestures to Amalthea and laughs. And you sure are lucky. Amalthea giggles, and Medomai forces a laugh, pretending to understand the joke. I'll see you tomorrow.

The End

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