Scene 22Mature

The scene opens to the same room as before, but now the doctor, Amalthea, Medomai, and Aristaeus are gathered around the bed. Amalthea is crying, and Medomai has his arm around her. Aristaeus is just staring at Lucina's body, very concerned.

DOCTOR, after checking for Lucina's pulse, then checking her eyes (opening them), and fiddling with the body for a while: I'm sorry. She is dead.

ARISTAEUS: Do you know how it happened?

DOCTOR: I'm not a detective, so no. I can only declare her dead.

AMALTHEA, tears streaming down her cheeks, quietly: It was too early.

ARISTAEUS, taking Amalthea's hand and patting it: I couldn't agree more. Pause. My dear Lucy. Medomai looks at Amalthea's hand intertwined with Aristaeus's questioningly, but says nothing.

AMALTHEA, her face reddening: Poor girl. She slowly pulls her hand away, feeling like she would be betraying Lucina if she held her fiance's hand.

DOCTOR: But I don't think a detective is needed. He stands and packs up his instruments. The death seems natural enough. I recommend asking the local priest to come and take the body.

ARISTAEUS, standing and eagerly shaking the doctor's hand: Thank you, sir. Thank you.

DOCTOR: You're very welcome. May I let myself out? Aristaeus nods, and the doctor wordlessly leaves.

ARISTAEUS: I just can't believe that she's gone.

AMALTHEA, shaking her head and staring at the body: I'm still in denial.

MEDOMAI, hugging Amalthea, scared of her being hurt more: It's alright. Don't worry, she can now rest in peace. Finally.

ARISTAEUS walks over to Lucina's body, and hugs her one last time: I was looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you, and now that's cut short.

Amalthea can see this happening over Medomai's shoulder as she hugs him, and her eyes fill with tears. She is reduced to sobbing into his shoulder as she is overcome with guilt.

ARISTAEUS: I have half a mind to follow you into the afterlife, darling.

Amalthea hugs Medomai tighter, her eyes tightly shut.

AMALTHEA, after a few seconds of complete silence: Please, don't! She breaks away from the hug and goes over to him, Medomai staring after her. Does death ever solve anything?

ARISTAEUS, looking up at Amalthea desperately: Sometimes, it really does.

AMALTHEA: No. It never does. She sits down next to Aristaeus. Promise me you won't hurt yourself.

ARISTAEUS, surprised by how much she cares: I promise.

AMALTHEA, tears running down her cheeks yet again: Good.

Medomai holds out his hand, and Amalthea takes it.

MEDOMAI: We must get going now.

ARISTAEUS: Goodbye, good friend.

AMALTHEA, being escorted out by Medomai: Godspeed, Aristaeus. Godspeed.

ARISTAEUS, staring after them as they leave, then whispering: And God keep you, Miss Amalthea.

The End

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