Scene 21Mature

The scene opens to a large, bright room with a canopy bed in the middle. To the right side of the bed is a nightstand with a single candle, giving almost no extra light to the room. The windows are tall, and sunlight is streaming through. There are many decorations around the room, symbols of great wealth and family pride (family seals, etc).

Medomai carries Lucina into the room, and she is already in her nightgown and looks like she really is asleep. Amalthea follows him in silently.

MEDOMAI, putting Lucina into the bed: We did a pretty good job of disguising this. He turns to Amalthea. Good work.

AMALTHEA, going around Medomai (almost ignoring his compliment) and sitting on Lucina's bed: She looks so's unnatural.

MEDOMAI: Don't worry, darling. She'll be put to peace soon, and we can rest assured.

AMALTHEA: Oh, but I feel so guilty!

MEDOMAI, taking Amalthea's hand: Keep in mind, if we didn't do this, both of you would be dead.

AMALTHEA: I know. She looks up at Medomai. Thank you for helping me.

MEDOMAI bows in response, then says: Come, we must go and leave her here to be found. Someone should be coming in soon.

AMALTHEA: We have to set the room up first. Close the curtains, please.

Medomai nods and goes around the room, shutting all the curtains so the only light in the room is the candle. Amalthea and Medomai gather around it, and Amalthea blows out the candle, and as soon as she does, the whole screen goes black.

In a few seconds, the screen returns to the very dimly lit room, and Aristaeus (Lucina's aforementioned fiance) is walking in.

ARISTAEUS: Lucy, it's time to wake up. You've been sleeping all day. He goes around the room, opening the curtains and letting in light. Lucina doesn't wake, but instead lays pale. Come, I've planned a dinner for us. Lucina still doesn't stir, so he goes over and shakes her. Lucy, dear, are you sick? He quickly rolls up the sleeve of her nightgown and checks for a pulse and feels nothing. Lucy, this isn't funny. Please wake up. For me. Desperately: Please! Don't be dead! DON'T BE DEAD! Tears quickly form in his eyes as he quickly runs from the room.

The End

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