Scene 20Mature

Medomai walks through the forest, still confused by how much Lucina reminds him of his mother. Eventually he reaches a dark, forested area, and Amalthea turns around.

MEDOMAI, breathlessly: I've got her.

AMALTHEA, running over: Thank goodness. Did anyone see you?

MEDOMAI, not mentioning his mother: Not that I knew of. No one really comes to the river, though.

AMALTHEA, naturally finishing his sentence: Or she would have been discovered.

MEDOMAI, after a slight pause in conversation: So what are we going to do with the body? We can't reveal the murder or we'd be putting your life in danger.

AMALTHEA: You make a good point. I've never really had to hide something this big before, but...she trails off, staring into the distance (suddenly realizing she was keeping her secret about being in the agency from him).

MEDOMAI, laying the body down: But we don't have much time to do this, keep in mind.

AMALTHEA, kneeling by the body: We have to make it look natural.

MEDOMAI, after a few seconds of looking upwards and saying nothing: Perhaps we can clean up the body, dress it in a nightgown, and make it appear she died in her sleep? Does she live alone?

AMALTHEA: Yes, actually. She never did have servants, although she was rich. She stares down at the body, thinking over the idea: But what about the wound?

MEDOMAI: We could patch it up, and pretend she did it and already knew about it.

AMALTHEA: Good idea. She looks up at Medomai. Now all we have to do is sneak back to her house and actually go through with the plan. She brushes the hair away from Lucina's face as she tilts her head. Poor Lucina. She's unable to rest in peace for so long...

MEDOMAI: At least we're helping her. If we had left her there, your life would be in danger as soon as they found her.

AMALTHEA, holding Lucina's hand, as though she's trying to warm it: Is my life really that important? My best friend died for me after I'd been lying to her almost my whole life, and now you're risking yours to release me from all I've been hiding.

MEDOMAI: You must realize, love, that your life is worth hundreds. To the both of us. He also kneels by the body, close to Amalthea. And if we would both lose them gladly for you, you should know that you're worth it.

AMALTHEA: But it's all so selfish...I barely have any morals, I've been hiding things my whole life, I let my best friend die, and on top of that, I'm having an affair! She looks desperately at Medomai.

MEDOMAI: I don't care if you're engaged, and I doubt he does. He helps Amalthea up. And I just can't be alone anymore. His voice breaks, but no tears come. You've filled the emptiness of my life, and I love being whole.

AMALTHEA, her voice breaking as well: I'll do everything in my power to keep you complete. And that's a promise I'll never break.

MEDOMAI, taking both her hands: I can't express what I'm feeling now. I'm speechless. For the first time in my life, I'm speechless. His face lights with inspiration, and he whispers: I love you. I know now, I love you.

AMALTHEA, crying: And that's all you could ever give me. You don't have to say anything more.

MEDOMAI: I do. Just one more thing.

AMALTHEA: And what's that?

MEDOMAI: Please...I beg of you...never leave me.

The End

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