Scene 19Mature

The scene quickly cuts to the river, and Medomai walks up to the dead body of Lucina. His eyes widen and gleam, as though he's about to cry.

MEDOMAI, quickly stopping in his tracks: Mother? He shakes his head, then continues to go towards Lucina. I'm sorry, you just look so much like her. She drowned herself in a white dress, and there you are. In a white dress. Dead. He kneels by her and crosses himself. Lucina, I know that you meant a lot to Amalthea. And if you can hear me, she misses you. So much. More than you'll ever know. He raises his eyebrows and picks Lucina up without difficulty. And you can finally rest in peace.

The woman from before enters the scene, but she doesn't look natural. It's not obvious, but she just looks a bit off.

WOMAN, holding out her arm: My son. Wait.

MEDOMAI: Mother?

WOMAN: Please...forgive me. I didn't want to leave you, but...

MEDOMAI: I already have forgiven you, Mother.

WOMAN: No, you still carry that grudge. A mother can tell. She gestures to the river behind her. But you must forgive, since this river will save you. It will set you free.

MEDOMAI, suspiciously: In what way?

WOMAN: You'll find out, if fate allows.

MEDOMAI: I...I believe fate will. It has been quite kind. He smiles. Thank you, mother. But I must leave. My love waits for me back near the town. And I promised her I'd be back very soon.

WOMAN: Good. Pause. That's my Medomai. The honest boy...she fades away behind Medomai's shoulder as he exits the scene.

The End

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