Scene 18Mature

The couple walks down the street, eventually reaching Medomai's large home (from before). They go through the door, entering the parlor. It looks the same, except the curtains are up and the sunlight streaming in isn't as bright as before.

Medomai and Amalthea sit down on the couch together, very close.

MEDOMAI: No one will know about this.

AMALTHEA looks wistfully at him, then says: Do you promise not to tell anyone?

MEDOMAI: On my life.

AMALTHEA, after a small nod: I guess you would find out eventually.

MEDOMAI: What happened, my dear?

AMALTHEA: I-I had a dream where Lucina was executed. It made me so uneasy, I knew something was happening. But I didn't know what. She continues, her voice breaking: I wrote a letter to her, confessing to Daedalus being a drunk and abusing me. Pause. But I saw a note on my desk that said, "It had to be done."

MEDOMAI, panicking: My gosh! Is she alright?

AMALTHEA, shaking her head: No! I ran to the river out of instinct, and I saw her laying there. She finally looks up at Medomai with tears in her eyes. She was bleeding to death.

MEDOMAI: Daedalus...he killed her?

AMALTHEA nods, then: When he was drunk. But he didn't regret it! He said so!

MEDOMAI: And you didn't want to tell me because it hurts too much? I understand.

AMALTHEA, desperately: No, no, it's worse! He threatened me with death! He doesn't want to be caught!

MEDOMAI, surprised: I will never let that happen.

AMALTHEA, her eyes wide, she bursts into tears: Please, my love, save me!

MEDOMAI, thinking out loud and staring into Amalthea's eyes: I'll pretend to find her. Then we can tell her loved ones and plan a funeral. He holds Amalthea's hands. It'll be okay.

AMALTHEA: Oh, I hope! I really do!

MEDOMAI: I promise I'll save you. I'll do anything I can to set you free. He pauses and wipes at his eyes as though he's about to cry. No matter how much it may hurt me to hear these terrible truths, I will. Pause. And trust me, I feel your pain. More than you can imagine.

The End

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