Scene 16Mature

Amalthea takes one look at Lucy and sobs harder, sitting up against a tree.

AMALTHEA, confessing to the body: I'm not the honest girl you praise me to be. You don't know how many promises I've broken. Pause. Oh, Lucy, I'm having an affair. But I love him so much, I don't care. Her voice breaks, and she pauses, then continues: I'm even in one of the secret agencies! That's why I'm always building and writing and carrying papers...why didn't I tell you? You wouldn't have said anything. You would have loved me anyway. She takes a shaky breath, and a few tears fall down her cheeks. I also wrote you this. She takes the letter out of the envelope and rolls it up, placing it in her dead friend's hand. If you can read this, Lucy, please do. I had no courage to tell you, but I wrote it.

Daedalus runs into the scene, standing behind Amalthea.

DAEDALUS, showing no emotion: I thought I'd find you here. He looks at Lucina on the ground. And it seems you also found the note.

Amalthea slowly turns to him in anger and horror, standing up.

AMALTHEA, he voice breaking again: Why did you do it? Why did you have to make it so painful?

DAEDALUS: I was drunk. But Amalthea, I don't regret it. You need to focus on what's important: the agency.

AMALTHEA: You don't regret it? You don't regret murdering my best friend?


Amalthea suddenly runs over and throws a punch at him. He easily dodges it (used to bar fights) and grabs her arm.

DAEDALUS: Don't take your sorrow out on me. Go ahead, grieve. But don't hurt me, you fool.

AMALTHEA: But it's your fault!

DAEDALUS: It's not mine, it's your father's for setting us up in the first place. What an idiot, believing I'd be a good husband to you. Mockingly: Why didn't you tell him? He smirks. Oh, yes, I remember, he's a drunkard as well!

AMALTHEA, shakily: Don't blame this on him. She pulls her arm away. He was an alcoholic, but at least he didn't kill my best friend! Tears roll unheeded down her cheeks. It's your fault, you murdering monster! She clenches her fists.

DAEDALUS: You stop this. Right now.

AMALTHEA: You stop! You--You...

DAEDALUS, slapping her: Get a hold of yourself! You desperate little child!

Amalthea just stares at him, her hand slowly going to her reddened cheek.

DAEDALUS: You are mine now. We're engaged. We're going to be married soon. If you treat me like this, you won't survive. Now, you leave Lucina there and tell no one about her, wait for them to discover her. Then I won't be blamed. But if you tell anyone, it will be the end of you. And I won't be afraid to do that. He pauses and steps closer to her threateningly, speaking to her like she's a child (or insane). Now, dear, go home and put on some clothes. Get yourself all ready and go into town and act as you always would. When Lucina is discovered, you can go to her funeral. But until then, act like nothing's happened. He clenches his fists, as well. Or it will be the end of you, I swear it.

AMALTHEA, trembling (with tears still rolling down her cheeks, but now in fear): Yes, sir. She quickly walks out of the forest, looking back at Daedalus a couple times.

DAEDALUS walks over to Lucina and kicks her, checking she's dead (after Amalthea is gone), then says: Rich filth. You thought I really did love you, didn't you?

Daedalus snickers as he exits the area, leaving Lucina by the river.

The End

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