Scene 15Mature

Amalthea quickly runs downstairs and out of the house (still holding the letter she just wrote to Lucina), running desperately out of the town and into the forest. She runs past plants and trees, pushing them out of her way as the thunder grows louder and the lightning flashes. A few plants scratch her legs, but she doesn't stop until she approaches the river, where she stops in her tracks and the wind blows around her. Her face now has a look of horror on it, and the camera pans to Lucina lying on the bank, staring upwards, looking dead.

AMALTHEA, screaming: LUCINA! She bursts into tears and runs to her friend. No! Oh, why? She falls to her knees in front of her. Then she grabs her wrist, rolling up the sleeve and checking for a pulse. Please, please, please! Her words trail off as she cries freely.

LUCINA, quitely: Amalthea?

AMALTHEA, hugging her: Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't know how much danger I put you in!

LUCINA: It isn't your fault.

AMALTHEA: Oh, it is. She pauses and looks at the dying Lucina. How long have you been lying here?

LUCINA: A while. She gives Amalthea a small smile, strangely content. But I'm afraid these are the last few minutes I have to spend here.


LUCINA: I'm sorry. I truly am. I don't want to leave you.

AMALTHEA: Then don't...!

LUCINA: It's my time, Amalthea. I barely have anything to live for anymore...

AMALTHEA, pleading now: You still have a lot of time, I-I can go get help...

LUCINA: Amalthea?


LUCINA: Do you believe in destiny?

AMALTHEA: More than you imagine. She trails off, wiping her tears.

LUCINA: I'm following mine. It's yours to save yourself in this world. She pauses and writhes in pain, but continues to smile. Not mine. I'm not worth it.

AMALTHEA: No! Tears stream down her cheeks. You're my very best friend, and I couldn't live without you. You have a reason to live.

LUCINA: I have reason, but is it a good reason?

AMALTHEA: It's enough, Lucy, it's enough!

LUCINA: No, Amalthea, it's not. Pause. You must learn to live without me, and without Daedalus and his abuse.

AMALTHEA, paying no attention to her tears: I can't. Not without you.

LUCINA: Amalthea, you can. You have to learn.

AMALTHEA: Not in a situation like this. I love him, Lucina. Not Daedalus, not anymore. But I don't know what to do.

LUCINA: Think as I would. You're smarter than I am.

AMALTHEA: Oh, Lucy...she trails off, her tears falling onto the ground around Lucy.

LUCINA, after a few seconds of looking up at Amalthea sympathetically: I have one last request.

AMALTHEA: What is it? I'll do anything.

LUCINA: Find that man and tell him you love him. Don't keep that a secret. You may never be able to if you hesitate.

AMALTHEA, whispering: Oh, Lucina. She pauses. I already did.

LUCINA: Good. Pause. That's my Amalthea. The honest girl...she trails off and goes limp.

AMALTHEA, screaming again: Lucina! No! She shakes her as though she can wake her up. I can't lose you! I can't! I can't...she trails off as she turns Lucina over, revealing a blood stain on her dress. He let her bleed. It wasn't fast, he let her be in pain. That monster! She lays Lucina peacefully down on the ground, her arms over her torso. Oh, Lucy, what shall I do? What can I do?

The End

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