Scene 14Mature

The screen suddenly changes from pitch-black to Amalthea's bedroom. She is already sitting up in bed and screaming the same as before. The transition is done so the word is just one word, drawn out.

AMALTHEA, screaming: LUCINA! She looks around as she wrings her hands. It was just a dream. I must calm down. She lays back down, but tosses and turns and finally gets up. That really made me uneasy. Something's not right. She stands up and goes to her desk, pulling out a sheet of paper, an inkwell, and a pen.

Voiceover by Amalthea:

"My dearest Lucina,

I know we see each other a lot and I could tell you this in person, I feel it would be better expressed in a letter.

I have been having a bad engagement. I didn't express how bad it was when I first told you, but I need to tell you now. He's a drunkard, and he beats me. He stays out all night with friends and doesn't come back until two in the morning. He doesn't care for my well-being, physical or mental. He wouldn't notice if I never came home again, until he needed me to work or clean.

You're one of the only people I can go to. Please write back, and don't speak of this to anyone.

I do hope it's not too late to save me from this.

Your friend,

She stuffs the letter into the envelope and scribbles an address on the front, looking up. She notices a small note that was thrown onto her desk. She reads it, then stands up, obviously scared. Amalthea claps her hand over her mouth, tears already forming in her eyes as she becomes absolutely speechless. She seems to whimper as she looks around, panicked, until she runs out of her room. The note drops to the ground, revealing what it says:

"It had to be done."

The End

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