Scene 13Mature

The scene quickly changes to a completely white room, with somewhat dirty walls (vaguely resembling an insane asylum). There are no doors or windows, it's just a dimly lit room. Amalthea is standing in the corner, her face to the wall, but she jumps as though waking up and turns around.


The camera quickly pans over to the other side of the room, revealing Lucina.

LUCINA: Amalthea. Hello!

AMALTHEA: Oh, hello, Lucy. How are you?

LUCINA: Not very good. Daedalus has been quite suspicious lately, giving me looks as I pass and not saying hello. He just seems angry. Maybe at you for having us bring a doctor the other night.

AMALTHEA: He is quite controlling. I wouldn't doubt that for a second.

LUCINA: Controlling? At the least! He's like a prison guard.

AMALTHEA: Oh, I know. But I can't break off this engagement now, it's too late.

LUCINA: I agree. Poor Amalthea, make the best of it.

AMALTHEA: Didn't you say that before?

LUCINA: Yes, but I thought it was good advice. Suddenly and jokingly: Hey, there's your boyfriend.

The camera (again) quickly pans to a third corner of the room, revealing Medomai (as though he's just appeared).

MEDOMAI: Hello, women. He bows.

AMALTHEA: Hello. Pause. Wait a minute, why are you guys all dressed up?

MEDOMAI: You didn't hear? There's an execution today.

AMALTHEA, scared: Of whom?

LUCINA: Somebody doesn't keep themselves updated on current events.

MEDOMAI: They're going to decide between Lucina, you, and I.

AMALTHEA: Us three?


AMALTHEA: What did we do?

MEDOMAI, shrugging: I don't know. Maybe we sinned?

AMALTHEA: But that's no grounds for an execution.

MEDOMAI, pointing: Shh, there's the executioner.

The camera (again) quickly pans over to the fourth corner, revealing an executioner, also just appeared.

EXECUTIONER, stepping away from the corner: Line up, all three of you.

Amalthea, Lucina, and Medomai do so.

EXECUTIONER: Will you confess to your darkest sins and secrets?

LUCINA and MEDOMAI, together: Never!

EXECUTIONER: And you, Amalthea?

AMALTHEA religiously: I will definitely confess.

EXECUTIONER: Step backwards.

Amalthea does so.

EXECUTIONER: I will now decide which of you deserves to live.

MEDOMAI: Choose as you will, but we will never falter.

LUCINA: Never!

EXECUTIONER: Alright. I'm thinking of a number, and whichever person guesses close enough gets to live.

LUCINA: Don't we get a range? Like one through ten?

EXECUTIONER: No! Just guess!


LUCINA: Fifty-six?

EXECUTIONER: The number was seven. Lucina, you must face your death. Kneel down.

LUCINA: As you wish.

She does so, and the executioner brings his sword way above his head, ready to strike. The screen goes completely black, and the audience can't see a thing.

AMALTHEA, screaming: LUCINA!

The End

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