Scene 12Mature

The scene quickly changes to Amalthea and Daedalus's small living room. It's early that evening, and Amalthea is sitting at the desk, performing strange experiments with metal, springs, and things of the sort. Her work area is illuminated by a single candle. Noises of thunder and lightning can be heard faintly.

AMALTHEA: It just doesn't make could this go together?

Daedalus enters the room, soaking wet and holding a beer bottle.

DAEDALUS: That's some rain.

AMALTHEA: I agree.

DAEDALUS: Are you working on those new ideas for the agency?

AMALTHEA: Yes, sir.

DAEDALUS: Alright. He takes a huge drink from his bottle then heads back outside.

AMALTHEA, looking at him disapprovingly: Stupid drunkard. She goes back to work, but can't concentrate. She sighs, throws the pieces of metal on the desk, and heads upstairs.

The End

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